The history of our workshop began in 2003. The team was formed gradually, but purposefully and everyone in our place.     Chernyatyevich N.G. is the founder and the permanent ideological leader of our team. - a successful architect and teacher of KNUBA.     Under her clear guidance, the main line of our design organization was formed. When creating projects, our architects use the best computers and software. Due to this we carry out our work quickly and qualitatively. Each of us is an independent creative unit, At the same time, we are co-operating and competently working in the team. We have many years of experience in cooperation with major construction companies, design cottages, multi-apartment houses, interiors, small architectural forms, landscapes, parks, and even civilian and public buildings. One of the most important aspects of the group's activity is the relationship with the customer. We try as much as possible to feel and understand the client, introducing all his desires into the harmonious architectural ensemble created by us.